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  • A small world makes it easy to find portals so that you can move on quickly through the game. A large world has much more resources available to mine and collect. You can make more than one world and use your character in any.
  • Ranger is probably the easiest class to play, but Warrior and Mage can be stronger in late game.
  • Unlike other games, the choice between 1st and 3rd person views is not just a preference. You will want to switch between these view styles frequently. Get used to both. Battle is much easier in 3rd person. Construction is much easier in 1st person.
  • Building a bridge using dirt blocks to get to a far away land mass is easier than you think. You dont have to place each block one by one. Switch to 1st person view and hold down the block placement button while advancing. If you see that you are moving to fast for the placement and you are about to overshoot the bridge, very briefly release the button to advance and press it again. This technique is excellent for building structures as well.
  • You wont find any weapons or armor lying around or on ennemies, only Recipes to make them can drop or be found. (Exception: Bosses)
  • All resources have a purpose. Make chests and store everything til you figure out what you need.
  • Your chests and buildings will not be damaged or looted by enemies.
  • Finding portals to other islands can be tedious. The Arcane Compass is your friend! If you look carefully at the animation when you use the compass, you can judge not just the direction to a portal and its color, but how far away it is and if it's below or above you.
  • Lighting can be difficult in this game. You need to place torches everywhere if you dont want to hold one in your hand all the time. One trick is to craft a Miner Helmet (Workbench II) and place it in the vanity head slot. You still get the stats from your main headpiece, but the light from the Miner Helmet. Alternatively, with Altar II and above you can craft Wisp potions that provide light.
  • Need to dig down? Select the pickaxe, aim down right under your feet and hold down the action key. You will dig and drop down at the same time.
  • Need to climb up? Select a dirt or sand block, aim down at your feet and rapidly click the action key.
  • A Mining Drill is very fast for exploring underground. It cuts through four blocks at once!
  • If you need a particular metal resource for crafting, know that the 1st place you find it will have the lowest density of that ore. Quickly moving on to the next Island where you find it will be much more efficient overall.
  • Wondering what to improve next? Priorities remain the same throughout the game: 1-Get each type of crafting station, 2-Improve your digging tools, 3-Improve your weapons and armor, 4-Level your crafting stations.
  • Explore! Just digging around gets you XP.