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There are currently 4 different Portal Stones in Portal Knights, each used when combining Shards make up and turn into the various portals to the various Islands. The shards are dropped from either killing Creatures or Mining Resources throughout your travels. Depending on the higher level Islands you're visiting, the higher the level shard you'll find to drop which can then be combined to make the portal stones for further travel. You will need a total of 6 Portal Stones depending on your location. (Eg you will need 6 Blue Portal Stones to fully activate a Blue Portal)

Note that Portal Stones are used solely for activating portals. Attempting to use it as a building block will result in the block phasing out and dropping itself as an item.

List Of Portal Stones[edit | edit source]

Each of the different color shards produce Portal Stones when combined the corresponding color stone, as you can see below.