Portal Stones

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Portal Stones are used to open portals of the corresponding color allowing for travel to a different island in The World. It takes 6 portal stones to activate a portal. To use, select the portal stone in the action bar and click one of the open slots on a portal. The portal opens and you can now pass through it. Portal Stones cannot be found, they need to be crafted from portal stone shards.

The shards for creating the stones are dropped from either killing Creatures or mining Resources throughout your travels. The crafting can be done without a crafting station by selecting the Portal Stones sub menu in the crafting interface.

Note that Portal Stones are not building resources. Attempting to use it as a building block will result in the block phasing out and dropping itself as an item. They can be only used to active portals, landing pads and the Ward of Protection.

List Of Portal Stones[edit | edit source]

2x Blue Shards BlueRecipe.png = Blue Portal Stone Icon.png
3x Yellow Shards YellowRecipe.png = Yellow Portal Stone Icon.png
4x Green Shards GreenRecipe.png = Green Portal Stone Icon.png
5x Red Shards RedRecipe.png = Red Portal Stone Icon.png