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List Of Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe for Dropped by
Air Potion Rumble Jelly
Sea Maggot
Ancient Rinf of Light Arctic Dragon Countess
Ancient Ring of Ice Ancient Evil Electro Worm
Ancient Ring of Thunder Pyr-Utan
Angelic Ring Chest
Arcane Mirror Ancient Worm
Bag Hat Baby Araktula
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Baroque Bed Gleaming Blossom
Baroque Bookcase Daring Bones
Baroque Chair Fallen Wizard
Baroque Cupboard White Slime
Baroque Nightstand Black Slime
Baroque Sofa Gleaming Blossom
Baroque Stool Fallen Wizard
Baroque Table Daring Bones
Baroque Wardrobe Black Slime
White Slime
Boots of Fury Alp-Utan
Blue Carpet Block Ancient Mummy
Hollow Knight of Fire
Hollow Knight of Thunder
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Breastplate of Fury Saurian Mage
Buccaneer's Sabre Chest
Classic Bench Thunder Gazer
Classic Bookcase Chest
Classic Cupboard Chest
Classic Hanging Brazier Thunder Gazer
Bomb Gazer
Classic Nightstand Chest
Classic Seat Thunder Gazer
Classic Table Fallen Soldier
Classic Tall Brazier Bomb Gazer
Classic Wardrobe Fallen Soldier
Copper Club Ancient Worm
Copper Knife Ancient Worm
Copper Knife of Fire Ancient Worm
Copper Maul Ancient Worm
Copper Mitt Chest
Chromatic Energy Boots Anub'Kraken
Chromatic Energy Crown Ancient Mummy
Chromatic Energy Gloves Mummified Maggot
Chromatic Energy Robes Pyr-Utan
Crystal Hardened Breastplate Pyr-Utan
Crystal Hardened Boots Anub'Kraken
Crystal Hardened Gauntlets Mummified Maggot
Crystal Hardened Helmet Ancient Mummy
Cumulos Storm Armor Pyr-Utan
Cumulos Storm Boots Anub'Kraken
Cumulos Storm Gloves Mummified Maggot
Cumulos Storm Helmet Ancient Mummy
Cursed Damage Protection Flask Ancient Mummy
Electro Damage Protection Flask Pyr-Utan
Explosion Bomb Bomb Gazer
Felix's Power Aquamarine Parrot
Fluffy's Courage Dragon Queen
Fluffy's Speed Hollow King
Fluffy's Strength Ancient Worm
Fluffy's Wits Harrold the Target Practice
Football Lazuli Parrot
Football Goal Harrold the Target Practice
Fruit Hat Baby Araktula
Ancient Mummy
Moss Shell
Gauntlets of Fury Purple Slime
Gold Carpet Block Ancient Mummy
Hollow Knight of Fire
Hollow Knight of Thunder
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Golden Fist Chest
Green Carpet Block Ancient Mummy
Hollow Knight of Fire
Hollow Knight of Thunder
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Green Concrete Block Fallen Soldier
Green Crystal Block Dragon Queen
Groucho Mask Baby Araktula
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Fiery Roarc
Hag's skull Ancient Worm
Halo Ancient Mummy
Hollow Knight of Fire
Hollow Knight of Thunder
Harvester Crown Boulder Golem
Harvester Gloves Purple Slime
Harvester Leggings Alp-Utan
Harvester Robes Saurian Mage
Helmet of Fury Boulder Golem
Holy Protection Flask Arctic Dragon Countess
Horns Ancient Mummy
Hyperion, the Titanium Longbow Hollow King
Increased Healing Flask Ancient Mummy
Iron Dagger Dragon Queen
Iron Dagger of Ice Dragon Queen
Iron Mace Chest
Iron Maul Dragon Queen
Iron Paw Chest
Iron Throwing Knives Chest
Jester Robes Mirror Golem
Light Blue Crystal Block Ancient Worm
Arctic Dragon Countess
Lightning Zap IV Hollow King
Mages Orb Ancient Worm
Master's Orb Dragon Queen
Miner Boots Magma Maggot
Ancient Worm
Venom Maggot
Miner Gloves Harrold the Target Practice
Misty Gauntlets Purple Slime
Misty Hat Boulder Golem
Misty Jacket Saurian Mage
Misty Pants Alp-Utan
Pharoah Wig Pyr-Utan
Piked Helmet Hollow Knight of Fire
Planetary Strike II Hollow King
Poison Rain Ancient Worm
Poison Rain II Ancient Evil Electro Worm
Portal Guard's Sabre Chest
Red Carpet Block Chest
Red Crystal Block Ancient Worm
Ancient Evil Electro Worm
Rocket Ancient Worm
Sand Bench Mummy
Sand Brazier Mummified Maggot
Scroll of Teleportation Dragon Queen
Short Baroque Cupboard Black Slime
White Slime
Sombrero Baby Araktula
Blazing Blossom
Greenhorn Grunt
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Space Maggot
Sorceress' Skull Hollow King
Statue of Al'Gathor Pyr-Utan
Status of C'thoad Pyr-Utan
Stone Chair Chest
Stone Seat Chest
Stone Table Chest
Tall Baroque Cupboard Black Slime
White Slime
Tentacle Brazier Anub'Kraken
Titanium Bonegrinder Hollow King
Titanium Cataclysm Hollow King
Titanium Ceremonial Dagger Hollow King
Titanium Scalpel Hollow King
Titanium Sun Cleaver Hollow King
Top Hat Baby Araktula
Ancient Mummy
Lime Crustor
Moss Shell
Sand Shell
TNT Mini Dragon Bomber
Unicorn Horns Ancient Mummy
Vengeful Ring Chest
Water Bomb Sea Maggot
Rumble Jelly
Pacific Shell
Wide Baroque Cupboard Black Slime
White Slime
Witch's Skull Alp-Utan
Yellow Crystal Block King of Light