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Description[edit | edit source]

Abelena is a Trader NPC in Portal Knights. The potted flowers she sells require time to pass as they are not fully grown.

Item Name Amount Available Price
Water Pump 180g
Drain 40g
Large Blue Potted Flower 40g
Large Red Potted Flower 40g
Large Pink Potted Flower 40g
Large White Potted Flower 40g
Large Yellow Potted Flower 40g
Blue Potted Flower 20g
Pink Potted Flower 20g
Red Potted Flower 20g
White Potted Flower 20g
Yellow Potted Flower 20g
Potted Bush 40g
Red Flower Window Box 40g
Potted Aloe 40g
Fence 10g

Location[edit | edit source]

Fort Finch[edit | edit source]

Relocatable[edit | edit source]