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The Anub'Kraken is a dangerous foe found in the Tomb of C'Thiris, it will attack the player on sight.

Combat and Tactics

Anub'Kraken are the hardest enemies in the Tomb of C'Thiris. They will lurk in the bottom levels, and deal heavy damage to any intruders. They will use one of two attacks. Most often they will send a string of 6 orbs that will explode on contact. This attack is very hard to dodge, as the balls follow the player, and is deadly at close range. The other attack is rarer, but the Kraken will start spinning, going for the player. It's best that the player makes use of height difference when either of the attacks are used - Anub'Kraken always spawns in areas with 2 floors, so player can move in between them to dodge its attacks. Another tactic is to prepare for each one as you encounter it. All the enemies in this dungeon lack the ability to jump. So a simple dirt wall 2 bricks high across the corridor in front of a door way will give you the ability to jump to the far side and shoot at Anub'Kraken while avoiding all of his attacks. If you are a fighter jump on top of the wall attack a few times then fall back behind it as he shoots at you.

KrakenBallsAttack.png KrakenSpinAttack.png



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