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In Portal Knights you will face the Portal Guardians, the most formidable beasts in the realm, each in their own twisted arenas. Currently in the game there are 3 Bosses, which players will come across every 10 levels during the game. Each boss will occasionally drop a Recipe for a crafted relic that can be used as a portal to a hard mode version of the corresponding boss.

List Of BossesEdit

List of Relic Defense BossesEdit

Relic Defense bosses were added in the "Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense" Paid DLC.

Each boss with spawn in a unique gate location separate from all other lanes in Relic Defense towards the end of wave 5.

Relic Defense Bosses
Normal Mode Hard Mode
Level Area Boss Level Area Boss
Bitter Root Battlefield Crown Prince of Slimes 37 Bitter Root Battlefield Hard Mode Crown Prince of Slimes
Fallentown Square Son of Knight Hunter 37 Fallentown Square Hard Mode Son of Knight Hunter
Temple Mines Temple Mines Hard Mode

List Of Mini BossesEdit

Mini bosses were added in the The Villainous Update.

There will be quest NPCs on each of the below islands that will give you a quest to defeat the mini boss. Once the quest is complete they will then give you a recipe to re-summon them.

Once you have defeated them they are gone and wont re-spawn when you return to the island.

Mini Bosses
Level Summoned Level Area Boss
7 14 Port of Caul Slime Queen
17 25 Witchwater Knight Hunter
25 30 Sea of Stalks All-Watcher