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Portal Knights allows players to choose and master 4 different character Classes. Play as a Warrior, Mage , Ranger and Rogue.

Classes[edit | edit source]

  • Warrior – The Warrior class focuses on direct melee combat. Defeating enemies with his mighty Swords and Axes. The Warrior utilizes Shouts to strengthen his team and weaken his foes. The Warrior uses Strength as his main Attribute, which provides more Health Points and increased Melee Damage.
  • Mage – The Mage class uses destructive Spells to defeat his enemies. Using Scythes or Magic Staffs he can defend himself in close and ranged combat. The Mage uses Intelligence as his main Attribute, which provides more Mana Points and increased Spell Damage.
  • Ranger – The Ranger class handles his speedy Bow to defeat enemies from afar. Using Bombs the Ranger can put the pressure on enemies and blocks alike. The Ranger uses Agility as his main Attribute, which provides increased Movement Speed and Ranged Damage.
  • Rogue - The Rogue class can rely on his dissimulation spell and daggers to defeat enemies. The rogue uses Dexterity and Wisdom as his main Attributes, which provides increased Damage and Cloaking.