Dragon Queen

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The Dragon Queen is the second boss the player will encounter. She has her own island arena, a level 20 area, the Dragon's Lair.

Dragon Queen Boss Fight

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When arriving at the arena, a single flaming egg can be seen. Until the player strikes this egg, nothing will happen. Once struck the egg will be sent flying towards the hills in the background and this will summon the Dragon Queen. The boss attacks by breathing flaming eggs that always fly toward the player. At first the player cannot attack the Dragon Queen directly. By striking the eggs, it is possible to hurl them at the boss. If an egg hits the boss, she will be stunned.

Stunned Dragon Queen

Once stunned, the dragon can be attacked and her health will diminish. The stun will last 10 seconds or so. Once this time is up, she will wake up and all eggs on the platform will spawn Saurian Flames that will attack the player.

Combat and Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Queen cannot damage the player other than by hitting them with the eggs. Always face the boss and simply avoid the eggs. It's quite easy to never take any damage. Striking the eggs randomly will rarely hit the boss. Wait until the boss is about to shoot then launch an egg at her. Be wary of not falling off the arena platform! The Dragon Queen is very vulnerable to Water Damage. Using a weapon that has this type of damage will greatly help.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Drops based on 25 boss kills. Items with "?" are from old loot table, that did not drop.

DROPS CHANCE % / amount
Experience Points 100% / 7400
Gold Coins 100% / 130 - 140
Strong Healing Potion 20% 1-2
Strong Mana Potion 20% 1-2
Recipe for Fluffy's Courage 12%
Recipe for Green Crystal Block 12%
Recipe for Scroll of Teleportation 4%
Recipe for Relic of Frost 32%
Princess of Fire pet 24%
Greater Ring of Fire 40%
Cloak of the Masked Marksman 28%
Greater Iron Clutches 4%
Frostbite 12%
Dragon Dancer 4%
Rolling Down to Old Palm Bay 16%
Ranged Damage Flask 24% / 1-2
Orb of Tears 12%
Melee Damage Flask 24% / 1-2
Magic Damage Protection Flask 20% / 1-2
Ice Spike trap 30% / 1-5
Poison Spike Trap 20% / 1-5
Queen Slayer ?
Cape of the Iron Song ?
Cape of the Fearless Druid ?
Joren's Revenge ?
Scythes of Heists ?
Iron Throwing Stars ?
Cape of the Unlawful Taker ?
Frost Mine Scroll ?
Iron Throwing Axe ?
Totem of Storms ?
Totem of Ice ?
Fang Stick ?
Druid's Mantle II ?
Forester's Gold Dagger ?
Poison Spider Shapeshift II ?
Blazing Blossom Shapeshift II ?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of Patch 1.3.0 some recipes for weapons no longer drop, replaced by the weapons themselves.