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Getting started[edit | edit source]

Getting started with the game is not that hard. Once you spawn, you might notice the quest in the top left corner of your screen. Completing these quests is quite usefull and will teach you some of the basic mechanics of the game. You can find quests by giant floating orbs above buildings.

For the first few quests they will ask you to move and look around. I don't think this needs any explaining. After this the game will ask you to complete the 3 remaining quests.

1: The old farm.

The farm is your home now. Here you can place your chests and crafting stations. So why live in an old ruin?

First of all you will need to repair the workbench. Gather some wood by smashing trees with your fists, walk up to the workbench and interact with it. It will give you the option to use your wood and repair the workbench.

When this is done , you can now craft your armor. Gather some cotton from the island and use it in combination with the workbench to craft a piece of armor. You can follow the stars for the more detailed process

After that, the game wants you to place a few blocks. You can smash the stuff in and around the house to get some refined wood blocks. As a finishing touch, you can gather some wheat, go to your workbench and craft straw blocks for your roof.

2: Portals

Portals are used to travel to other worlds. As you progress in the game, monsters will drop different colors of portal shards based on the level of the area. The color of the portal shards dropped in an area is based on what color shards will be needed for upcoming portals to the next map. The number of shards required to make a portal stone will also increase based on the color/level of the stone. In increasing level of portal shards, the colors are blue, yellow, green, and red. They require 2, 3, 4, and 5 shards respectively to form a single portal stone, and 6 portal stones are always required to complete a portal gate to the next map.

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