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Description: Consumable. Launches the player into the sky. Can be bought from Razzo in Fort Finch for 42 gold.
{{Item|Rocket|maxstack=50|soldby=[[Razzo]]|buyprice=42|sellvalue=21||consumable=Yes|craftingstation=[[Altar]] II|craftingtime=??s|internalid=??}}
== Description ==
[[Rocket|Rockets]] launch the player into the sky. They can be used in difficult battles to "jump" from damage and have a special value when fighting Hard Mode [[Bosses]]. The [[Recipes|recipe]] for it is dropped by the [[Ancient Worm]].
== Crafting ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
| ??x || [[Flame Ruby Dust]]|| [[Image:Flame Ruby Dust Icon.png|center|50px]]
| ??x || [[Chili]]|| [[Image:Chili Icon.png|center|50px]]
== Dropped By ==
* [[Magma Maggot]]
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