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__NOTOC____FORCETOC__{{Item|Rocket|maxstack=50|soldby=[[Razzo]]|buyprice=42|sellvalue=21||consumable=Yes|craftingstation=[[Altar]] II|craftingtime=Instant|internalid=??}}
[[File:Rocket launch.png|200px|thumb|To infinity and Beyond!]]
== Trivia ==
* ToSo this momentfar, they are one of the best waysitems to spend your hard-earned GPs on. [[Razzo]] has an unlimited supply of them.
* [[Rocket|Rockets]] cause a small amount of [[Fire Damage|fire damage]] if used close to [[Creatures|creatures]].
* As long as you land on a block that is as high (or higher) as the one you started from, you will not suffer any fall damage no matter how high you were flying using [[Rocket|Rockets]].
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