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Stoutheart Landing

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Stoutheart Landing is one of the [[Islands|Island]] on [[Faynore]]. Mapwith forthe [[DruidFurfolk]]. Items Also,on youthe canisland playare purchasable with [[Defense Coins]], the towerlocal defencecurrency.
You can teleport to Stoutheart Landing by using the [[Stoutheart Landing Wayfair Token]] from the Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense DLC pack.
== Island Level ==
Level: 3
== Number of Portals ==
Portals: 3
[[Bitter Root Battlefield]]
[[Fallentown Square]]
[[Temple Mines]]
== Plants ==
Birch Tree
Garden Mushroom
Gingko Tree
Wheat Field
== NPC ==
[[High Pitch]]
[[Whispering Will]]
[[Sly Heart]]
[[Kind Mew]]
[[Col. Squishy Face Wiggle Bum]]
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