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Farming is currently a relatively minor part of Portal Knights. However, players are able to grow a variety of plants, trees, and edibles which may be used in crafting a large variety of items such as furniture, armor, and potions. The main tools for farming are [[Dirt Block|dirt blocks]], a [[hoe]], and the sapling or seed for whatever you intend to grow.
=== Process ===
1. Place a sufficiently large enough patch of dirt blocks.
2. Till the dirt blocks into farming soil which will grow plants 3 times faster.
3. Plant the vegetation.
4. Wait for the plants to grow.
5. Harvest them.
6. Repeat.
=== Tips ===
1. As you cut down tree for [[Wood Logs|wood logs]], replant plenty of them in tilled soil early on in the game. You will often need [[Wood Logs|wood logs]] even in some tier 4 [[crafting]].
2. Like trees, plant plenty of [[Cotton Bush|cotton seeds]] as well so that you can use them for [[Torch|torches]] later on. [[Torch|Torches]] are your friends.
3. Many plants and trees are only able to be grown in their native environment. It is not possible to plant and grow them on a different world environment.
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