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! style="text-align:left; vertical-align:top;"|Upgrade the various [[Crafting Stations]] in [[Portal Knights]] and expand your recipe list to craft 200+ items! Build your home with dozens of materials and furnishings. Display the hard-earned treasure from your journeys. Plant a [[Farming|Farm]] and reap your harvest as your crops grow in real time.||{{#ev:youtube|Jm75_ryHb8g|400}}
==Crafting Menu==
To use crafting, open the in-game menu and select the crafting area. The crafting menu has 10 types of craftable items.
Some items can be crafted manually, others require a [[Crafting Stations|Crafting Station]]. For a complete list of [[Crafting Stations]] and their upgrades see -> [[Crafting Stations]].
The [[Recipes]] for some items are known as soon as a character is created, others are revealed with the creation of a [[Crafting Stations|Crafting Station]] or its upgrade, but most [[Recipes]] must be found in the wild. For a complete list of [[Recipes]] and where to find them see -> [[Recipes]].
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