Taylor Rafalini

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Description[edit | edit source]

Taylor Rafalini is a NPCs Talkable NPC and Trader npc in Portal Knights.

Item Name Amount Available Price
Gateway to Bliss 1000g
Forever Bow 500g
Sweetheart Table 1000g
Party Time Rental Chair 300g
Super-Expensive Prestige Gala Plate 100g
Dream Wedding Cake 1000g
Eternal Bliss Unity Love Candle 100g
Hand-Stitched Slik Flowers 100g
Non-Allergenic Slik Flowers 100g
Super Expensive Floral Arrangement 250g
Super Expensive Vase 400g
Baller Black Top Hat 68g
Fine As Heck Black Sleeves 200g
Versatile Black Jacket & Shirt Combo 200g
Stylin' Black Pants 200g
Baller Charcoal Top Hat 500g
Fine As Heck Charcoal Sleeves 500g
Versatile Charcoal Jacket & Shirt Combo 500g
Stylin' Charcoal Pants 500g
Baller Pearl Top Hat 1000g
Fine as Heck Pearl Sleeves 1000g
Versatile Pearl Jacket & Shirt Combo 1000g
Stylin' Pearl Pants 1000g
Baller Burgundy Top Hat 2000g
Fine as Heck Burgundy Sleeves 2000g
Versatile Burgundy Jacket & Shirt Combo 2000g
Stylin' Burgundy Pants 2000g
Embroidered Veil - Green 200g
Elegant Gloves - White & Green 200g
Dream Dress - White & Green 200g
Chic Bridal Flats - White & Green 200g
Embroidered Veil - Pink 500g
Elegant Gloves - White & Pink 500g
Dream Dress - White & Pink 500g
Chic Bridal Flats - White & Pink 500g
Embroidered Veil - Purple 1000g
Elegant Gloves - Yellow 1000g
Dream Dress - Yellow 1000g
Chic Bridal Flats - Yellow 2000g
Embroidered Veil - Black 2000g
Elegant Gloves - Burgundy 2000g
Dream Dress - Burgundy 2000g
Chic Bridal Flats - Burgundy 2000g

Location[edit | edit source]

From the Wedding and Galas Gift Box[edit | edit source]

Relocatable[edit | edit source]