Tiro Baker

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Description[edit | edit source]

Tiro Baker is a quest giver and Trader npc in Portal Knights found on Hintertown

Item Name Amt. Available Price
Delicious Meal 20g
Serving Pan 10g
Frying Pan 10g
Cooking Pot 14g
Saucepan 14g
Cauldron (w/lid) 14g
Cauldron (w/o lid) 14g
Rolling Pin 12g
Chopping Board 16g
Teapot 20g

Quest[edit | edit source]

Be a Good Egg: She tasks the player with getting 3 Egg and 5 Frost Lily.

  • Reward:XP and Gold

Dish Duty: Give 6 Dishes.

Relocatable[edit | edit source]