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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Green slimes are peaceful creatures that won't attack unless provoked. All other Slimes types will attack the player on sight.

Combat and Tactics[edit | edit source]

Slimes have a single attack in which they jump into the air in an attempt to land on the player and deal damage. This attack can easily be avoided by dodging in any direction when they leap into the air. For a melee character, the best time to attack is during and slightly after their jump. Ranged characters can simply assault them from afar with no real threat of repercussion.

Types of Slimes[edit | edit source]

Slime type Image Deals Resists Vulnerable to Drops Locations
Green Slime Green Slime.png Physical
Orange Slime Orange Slime.png Physical
Purple Slime Purple Slime.png Electro Water Earth
Red Slime Red Slime.png Fire Earth Water
White Slime White Slime.png Light Light Dark
Black Slime Black Slime.png Dark Dark Light