Ye the Jade Stone Merchant

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Ye the Jade Stone Merchant
Type: Trader,Quest Giver
Sells: Furniture, Ingredients, Recipes
Found on: Random Island

Description[edit | edit source]

Quest giver and trader found on random islands during the Jade Stone Merchant event. He will ask you to kill 15x Bamboo Araktula and destroy 5x Spiderwebs inside his house. He will reward you with... absolutely nothing but will open his shop for you.

The shop have a limited supply of 40x Bamboo Logs (2GP), 40x Raw Jade Stone Block (10GP). Also have a unlimited supply of Farmer's Hat (100GP) and recipes for: Red Firecracker (40GP), Green Firecracker (40GP), Red Fireworks Rocket (40GP), Red Fireworks Fountain (40GP), Kabuto(500gp), Do(500gp), Tekko(500gp), Haidate(500gp) and Nihonto of the seven Storms(1000gp).

Location[edit | edit source]

He will be inside his "Chinese" looking house/shop.

Gallery[edit | edit source]